There is little doubt that if you have the original builder’s windows in your home you would like something better.  Even homes built today are getting the cheapest windows available that meet code.  We routinely replace the original builder’s vinyl windows in homes less than 15 years old!  Our replacement windows are head and shoulders above the builder grade, but how can you tell the difference?

Most new windows today are white vinyl frames, double paned glass with LOW-E tint and a “lifetime” warranty.  That said, there are huge differences in quality, performance and longevity within that description and many companies would like you to believe that all vinyl windows are the same.  Many contractors will lean on the warranty and low price, but the warranty will often have major limitations and exclusions:  discoloration, sun rot, chalking, seal failure, non-transferrable, prorated, etc… all of the things that indicate lower quality.  Coincidentally, these exclusions are for exactly the things that will go wrong over time, especially in OUR climate.

At Beautiful Homes we like to do things differently.  We bring actual working samples of our product line and offer a short demonstration of the products chosen.  Then we answer all of your questions about product, installation, pricing and warranty.  We will give you a quote, NOT an “estimate”.  Estimates always seem to go up once the job starts, and we will honor our initial price quote until you’ve finished shopping.

Please take a few moments to look through the photo gallery below.  All of the pictures are Amerimax products including windows, patio sliders, French doors and Garden windows with various home types and installations.  All of the windows and doors shown have the most efficient glass package; AG-3 Neat Glass with Argon gas fill.  This proprietary 12-layer laminated glass blocks out 95% of the Sun’s damaging UV rays while blocking almost all of the heat and the cold.  The deep pocketing frames, multiple runs of plush weatherstripping, interlocking sashes and heavy-duty screen frames are some of the features that will have you love our windows and our value.


Local job pictures showing just some of the style and color options available.

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