Back when we had the good old fashioned oil-based paint with lead, a paint job would look good and protect the exterior for of your home for fifteen years or more.  Paint was a great option then but lead is dangerous and it had to go!  

The EPA had lead removed from paint in the late 1970’s, leaving today’s water based paint.  A paint job today is now lucky to survive five years in our intense sun, so paint is not such a great deal anymore!  Enter today’s next generation vinyl…with many panel styles; Lap siding in 4″, 5″ and 7″ slats, Board and Batten style, Shingles and Faux Stone options, you’ll be amazed at the beauty and design freedom available to you.  Our siding not only costs less than fiber cement, wood or metal siding options, it also blankets your walls with  insulation and it will make your home LOOK LIKE NEW and it NEVER NEEDS PAINTING.  Also, all of our products qualify for Geo-Smart interest-free financing as an energy efficient solution.  

Below you will see:

  1. A step-by-step installation of the Market Square Siding System.
  2. Video of an installation on a new garage matching our 15-yr. old house install.  
  3. Before and After of a window wall upgrade and conversion.
  4. Photo gallery of completed jobs.  
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Step by step- Market Square Insulated Vinyl Siding installation

This project involved replacing old, dangerous plate glass windows with our insulated units including tempered safety glass and converting several windows to insulated siding.

Ten of the original windows were walled up with studs, sheeting and insulated siding. The rest were updated with our insulated windows now with venting and safety glass to meet code.

New siding matches 16-year old previous siding install. New windows block heat, cold, drafts and UV.

Check out our siding work…

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Siding Installation- Mt. Rose and Telluride 09/2018

Siding channels into vinyl corner posts.
Window J-channel and vent covers keep the system waterproof.
Siding channels around electrical box and sprinkler control boxes.
Aluminum trim stock is custom formed on site to cover ugly trim.
Trim capping is strong, comes in many colors and never needs painting.
We cap fascias and eaves the way a crown caps a rotten tooth.
Wall system layers, waterproof and uniform.
Putting it all together.
Completely restored and preserved for life.

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