Design your beautiful home

It's your home and it can reflect your personal taste and style. We will bring a wide variety of siding styles and colors for you to choose. Windows also come in designer colors! Browse our galleries and see some Beautiful Homes of our customers.

Save energy... and a lot more!

It's no secret that builders don't use very efficient windows or very durable siding when building new homes. But you may be truly amazed at the difference better products will make. Thermal pane windows will all but eliminate the dirt and dust that blow through and they stop nearly all of the blazing heat and freezing cold that we get in Northern Nevada. Our siding adds insulation to your walls, will withstand 160 MPH wind load and never needs painting. Our customers routinely report energy savings in excess of 40-50% ! This can translate to much lower power bills and less load which extends the life of your A/C and heater unit, too.

Honesty and quality

Beautiful Homes is a tight knit team of industry professionals led by Tom Valentine and located in Washoe Valley since 2000 when Tom got his Nevada Contractor License. Tom founded Beautiful Homes on the concept of quality products, pride of workmanship and open, honest communication. With hundreds of happy customers and a long list of word-of-mouth referrals... we say it's working!

Time is money for us all

One of the biggest problems in hiring a contractor is finding someone to show up on time...or at all! If they are challenging just to get a price quote, chances are it won't get better once they get the deposit. We have all heard stories about flakey contractors: running late, truck broke down, supplier messed up, need to reschedule, crew got sick, etc. We take pride in short lead times, fast and thorough installations and meeting our commitments on time and on budget. We operate on a philosophy of full disclosure, we say what we mean and mean what we say. Folks seem to really like that.